Startup Deep Dive

A 8-hour taste of life as an entrepreneur.

Startup Deep Dive is a hands-on experience covering the muddy exploration and hard decisions that founders face when getting their ideas off the ground.

Topics covered:

Learning from customers

Turn customer conversations into facts, decisions and action. Customer Development often leaves founders collecting customer opinions which don't match reality.

Product Design

How do you decide which type of product to build, and how do you get the first version right?

Launching and making money

So many entrepreneurs start with nothing, and quickly build money-making businesses. You'll learn how to get this speedy start.

Learn from the source

Startup Deep Dive is different than most startup workshops. It's guided, but not based on consultants methodologies. Instead, you learn like other successful founders, from other founders and trying for yourself.

Over the day, you'll hear stories from real entrepreneurs so you can follow their path and decide what's best for you. The focus is on real-life execution.


Show up with a startup idea, or a sense of what users you want to help.

  1. Teams form around ideas
  2. [Discussion] How entrepreneurs think
  3. [Hands-on] Learning from customers to design your product.
  4. [Hands-on] Strategic decision-making as a team.
  5. [Hands-on] Product Design
  6. [Discussion] Ways to use experiments to launch

Who Is This Course For?

Deciding On A Career Path

Would you like to work for a big company or work for yourself? Do you understand what life will be like if you take the long road and try to make your ideas a reality? We'll give you a real taste of this.

Aspiring Entrepreneurs

You are already starting or keen to start a business. By the end of Startup Deep Dive, you'll have moved your idea forward, gained the confidence and new skillset to progress at far greater speed.

You'll get

  • A no-strings-attached taste of the life of a startup founder
  • Inspiration on how to generate new business ideas
  • experience for your CV to demonstrate transferable skills such as innovation and entrepreneurship

You will

  • To meet other likeminded students wanting to do the same things
  • Test and validate your business idea in a team
  • Gain the skills and confidence to start a business
  • Have the option to continue with your business, with the support from experienced business founders